San Jose Travel Plans

Welcome to the land of techies, tacos, and terrible traffic! Brace yourself for the hustle and bustle of the city that Silicon Valley calls home.

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The very best 12 nightlife spots in San Jose, United States

Welcome to the vibrant city of San Jose, where the nightlife scene is as lively as a caffeinated mariachi band! Whether you're a party animal or just a curious nocturnal creature, this article aims to give you a taste of the 12 best nocturnal havens this city has to offer. From dazzling dance floors to mysterious speakeasies, prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through San Jose's electrifying nightlife, where the only thing brighter than the neon lights is the twinkle in your eye.

Best 20 things to do in San Jose, United States

Welcome to San Jose, where the sunshine is plentiful and the adventures are abundant! Strap on your walking shoes and embark on a thrilling journey through our top 20 must-see attractions. From exploring the vibrant art scene in downtown to befriending our resident techies at the Silicon Valley headquarters, you’ll surely stumble upon more innovative inventions than you can count. Remember, no trip to San Jose is complete without a visit to the infamous Winchester Mystery House, where you can marvel at staircases that lead to nowhere and doors that open to solid walls – the best part? Getting delightfully lost in this teeming mansion of architectural confusion! So, leave your worries behind, embrace the sunshine, and unlock the secrets of San Jose, one hilariously enjoyable experience at a time.

15 perfect restaurants in San Jose, United States

Welcome to San Jose, the land of tech-savvy foodies, where finding the perfect meal is as important as inventing the next big thing! Prepare your taste buds as we reveal the crème de la crème of the city's dining scene. From an avant-garde sushi joint that'll have you questioning all sushi you've ever eaten, to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican spot where the tacos are so good, you'll want to marry them – San Jose's finest eateries are ready to take your palate on a wild, unforgettable ride.

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Artistic Delights in San Jose: Get Quirky and Geeky

San Jose, United States offers a fantastic destination for a family-friendly trip. With its numerous kid-friendly attractions such as the famous Children's Discovery Museum, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, and the Tech Museum of Innovation, there is something for everyone. Additionally, families can explore the beautiful San Jose Municipal Rose Garden and enjoy outdoor activities at Almaden Lake Park, making it a memorable trip for all.

San Jose Delights: A Fun-Filled 2-Day Family Adventure!

San Jose, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, offers an ideal family-friendly trip with its array of attractions. Visit the iconic Children's Discovery Museum for interactive exhibits, explore the Tech Interactive for hands-on STEM experiences, and immerse in the wonders of technology at the renowned Tech Museum. With its vibrant atmosphere and numerous family-friendly activities, San Jose promises a memorable adventure for the whole family.

Fun-Filled Family Adventure: 3 Days in San Jose!

A family-friendly trip to San Jose, United States offers an abundance of opportunities for fun and exploration. Enjoy interactive and educational experiences at the Children’s Discovery Museum, where kids can engage in hands-on activities and exhibits. Take a ride on the historic carousel in the beautiful Guadalupe River Park and Gardens, or spend a day at the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, enjoying animal encounters and thrilling rides that cater to all ages.

How to get to San Jose


The best way to get to San Jose is by plane. You can fly into San Jose International Airport (SJC), which is located less than 4 miles from the downtown area. There are numerous airlines that fly into SJC, including American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest.


Driving is a popular way to get to San Jose. Depending on where you are coming from, you can take Interstate 5 or Interstate 580 and then merge onto Interstate 680 to get to San Jose. From Southern California, it may be faster to take Interstate 101 and then head south to San Jose.


Unfortunately, there is no direct train service to San Jose. However, you can take Amtrak to San Francisco and then transfer to a Caltrain that goes to San Jose. The Amtrak station in San Francisco is located at 700 4th St, while the Caltrain station in San Jose is located at 65 Cahill St.


Unfortunately, there is no way to get to San Jose by boat as the city is not located on the coast or any major bodies of water.


Taking a bus is a convenient way to get to San Jose. Greyhound offers numerous bus routes to San Jose, with the bus station located at 70 S Almaden Ave. Megabus also has service to San Jose, with the stop located at the Diridon Transit Center at 65 Cahill St.

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