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Welcome to the city where it's always raining, but nobody uses an umbrella. You might get wet, but at least you'll fit in with the locals.

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The very best 12 nightlife spots in Seattle, United States

If the term "nightlife" conjures up images of swanky clubs and posh bars, then Seattle is here to break the mold and hand you a refreshing drink on the side. Prepare to be dazzled by the hip, yet quirky, spots this city has to offer. From grungy dive bars serving craft cocktails to underground venues hidden behind bookshops, Seattle's nightlife scene is as unique as the city itself. So, grab your flannel shirt and your trusty plaid pants and hit up the 12 best nightspots - but be warned, Seattle's lively spirits may just have you dancing in the rain!

15 perfect restaurants in Seattle, United States

Welcome to Seattle, a foodie's paradise where the coffee is strong and the seafood is even stronger! If you're ready to embark on a culinary adventure, make sure to visit the 15 best restaurants in the Emerald City. From Pike Place Market's seafood haven, where seagulls fight over every bite, to a trendy rooftop spot with a view that will make your food taste even better, Seattle has got your taste buds covered. Just beware of the infamous Seattle drizzle - don't let it dampen your spirits or your plate!

Best 20 things to do in Seattle, United States

Welcome to Seattle, the city where coffee flows as freely as the rain! If you're looking for the top 20 things to do here, we've got you covered. Dive right into the hipster heaven of Pike Place Market, watching fish fly through the air, squeezing through crowds like a seasoned sardine. Don't miss out on the majestic Space Needle, where you can appreciate stunning views of the city while trying to capture that perfect Instagram-worthy selfie. And of course, no Seattle trip is complete without an umbrella and a visit to the alluring, mysterious depths of the Fremont Troll - just be sure to bring your camera to capture the moment, or it might just TROLL you!

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How to get to Seattle


The best way to get to Seattle by plane is to fly into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. There are many airlines that fly into this airport from all over the world including United Airlines, Delta, and Alaska Airlines.


The best way to get to Seattle by car is to take the I-5 highway if coming from the north or south. If coming from the east, take either the I-90 or US-2 highway. Traffic can be heavy during peak times so plan accordingly.


Currently, there are no passenger train services that go directly to Seattle. However, Amtrak does operate a train that goes to nearby Tacoma. From there, passengers can take a bus or taxi to reach Seattle.


The best way to get to Seattle by boat is to take a ferry. The Washington State Ferries are a popular option for passengers coming from nearby islands or the Olympic Peninsula. The downtown Seattle ferry terminal is located at Pier 52 and serves multiple ferry routes.


The best way to get to Seattle by bus is to take Greyhound. Greyhound has many locations throughout the United States and has a station located in downtown Seattle.

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