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Tucked away in the Sunshine State's northern region lies Tallahassee, where moss hangs from the trees and politics is as ubiquitous as the alligators. But fear not, visitors can still enjoy craft beer and tasty BBQ in between heated debates.

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Tallahassee Family Fun: Exploring History, Nature, and More!

Tallahassee, the capital city of Florida, offers a perfect family-friendly getaway. Explore the fascinating museums, such as the Tallahassee Museum and the Museum of Florida History, where kids can delve into the rich history and cultural heritage of the region. Enjoy the picturesque outdoor spaces like Cascades Park or Lake Ella, ideal for picnics and leisurely walks, allowing the whole family to unwind and create lifelong memories.

A Vibrant Family Adventure: Tallahassee in 2 Days

Tallhassee, the capital of Florida, offers a fantastic family-friendly trip with a mix of educational and recreational activities. Explore the Museum of Florida History to learn about the state's rich history, visit the alligator-filled Wakulla Springs State Park for a thrilling nature experience, and take a stroll at beautiful Maclay Gardens State Park with its stunning floral displays and tranquil lake. With its vibrant culture, historical sites, and natural beauty, Tallahassee promises an enriching and enjoyable vacation for the entire family.

Three Days in Tallahassee: Adventures, History, and Flavor

A family-friendly trip to Tallahassee, United States promises a perfect blend of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. Explore the stunning Maclay Gardens State Park, where kids can run around in picturesque gardens and enjoy scenic nature trails. Dive into history at the Museum of Florida History, featuring interactive exhibits that offer engaging learning opportunities for visitors of all ages. Wrap up the trip by bonding with wildlife at the Tallahassee Museum, where families can explore the zoo, zip-line through cypress swamps, and get a glimpse of authentic Florida wildlife.

How to get to Tallahassee


The best way to get to Tallahassee is by plane. One option is to fly into Tallahassee International Airport, which is located just 7 miles from downtown Tallahassee. Airlines that fly into this airport include American Airlines, Delta, and Silver Airways. Alternatively, you could fly into the nearby Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport or Jacksonville International Airport and drive or take a shuttle to Tallahassee.


Driving is a popular option for getting to Tallahassee. The city is located along several major interstates, including I-10 and I-75. If you are driving from nearby cities, such as Jacksonville or Pensacola, you can take scenic routes that wind through the beautiful state parks and Southern forests in the area.


Unfortunately, there is no train station in Tallahassee, so train travel is not an option for getting there.


While there are several lakes and rivers near Tallahassee that are popular for boating, there are no commercial boat services that run to Tallahassee. As such, traveling by boat is not a viable option for getting to the city.


Taking a bus is a cost-effective way to get to Tallahassee. Greyhound has a bus station in downtown Tallahassee that services a variety of cities throughout the southeastern United States. Alternatively, Megabus also runs bus services to Tallahassee from several major cities, including Atlanta and Miami.

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