Terrassa Travel Plans

Visiting Terrassa is like taking a step back in time - but not too far back, like prehistoric times, more like 1980s. It's a city with plenty of history, culture, and a surprising number of hair salons.

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How to get to Terrassa


The best way to get to Terrassa by plane is to fly into Barcelona–El Prat Airport and take the RENFE train from Barcelona Sants station to Terrassa station.


Driving to Terrassa is easily accessible by taking the AP-7 toll road from Barcelona or Tarragona.


You can take a RENFE train from Barcelona Sants station to Terrassa station. This is the best way to get to Terrassa by train.


Unfortunately, there is no water transport available to get to Terrassa as it is not a coastal city.


To get to Terrassa by bus, take the ALSA bus from Barcelona Nord bus station to Terrassa bus station.

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