Toledo Travel Plans

Welcome to the enchanting city where knights roam the narrow streets, eagles guard medieval castles, and swords are the ultimate fashion statement. Get ready to embark on a time-traveling adventure in the land where Don Quixote may or may not have tilted at windmills!

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How to get to Toledo


The best way to get to Toledo, Spain by plane is to fly into Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD) and then take a direct train from Madrid Atocha station to Toledo. The journey from Madrid to Toledo by train takes approximately 33 minutes.


To reach Toledo, Spain by car, you can take the AP-41 highway from Madrid. The drive from Madrid to Toledo typically takes around 50 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions.


To get to Toledo, Spain by train, you can take a direct train from Madrid Atocha station. The journey from Madrid to Toledo by train takes approximately 33 minutes.


Toledo, Spain is not accessible by boat as it is an inland city. However, you can explore the beautiful Tagus River that surrounds Toledo by taking a river cruise from nearby cities like Aranjuez or Talavera de la Reina.


The most convenient way to reach Toledo, Spain by bus is to take a direct bus from Madrid Estación Sur de Autobuses. The journey by bus from Madrid to Toledo usually takes around 1 hour.

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