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When you hear the name of this city, you might think it's a typo for Trombone or Tromsdalen. But fear not, Trondheim is an actual place, and it's a gem of northern Europe.

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Trondheim Thrills: A Budget-Friendly Day Guide

Trondheim, in central Norway, is a delightful city of colorful wooden buildings, cobbled streets and rich cultural heritage. However, it is an expensive destination, which can pose a challenge for budget travelers. Nevertheless, with some careful planning, it is possible to discover Trondheim's highlights, such as the Nidaros Cathedral, the Kristiansten Fortress and the Ringve Museum, without breaking the bank. Taking advantage of free walking tours, staying in budget-friendly accommodation and cooking your own meals can help you stretch your budget without sacrificing the experience.

Trondheim in Two: Budget-Friendly Fun!

Trondheim is a beautiful city located in Norway that offers plenty to see and do even if you are on a tight budget. You can visit the impressive Nidaros Cathedral, explore the quaint streets of Bakklandet, and take a stroll through the colorful market square. You can also enjoy the city's natural surroundings by taking a hike in the nearby forests, mountains, or fjords.

Thrifty Trondheim: A 3-Day Adventure on Budget.

Trondheim, Norway offers budget-friendly options for travel enthusiasts with a love for Scandinavian culture. Explore the city's breathtaking views, including the Nidaros Cathedral, Kristiansten Fortress, and the Old Town Bridge, without breaking the bank. Enjoy authentic Norwegian cuisine, try your hand at fishing, or simply stroll through the picturesque streets for an unforgettable adventure on a budget.

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How to get to Trondheim


The best way to get to Trondheim by plane is to fly into Trondheim Airport Værnes. There are direct flights from major cities in Europe, such as London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. From the airport, you can take the airport shuttle bus or a taxi to the city center.


Driving to Trondheim is a good option if you want to explore the Norwegian countryside on your own time. The E6 highway runs directly through Trondheim and connects it to other cities in Norway. There are several car rental companies located at Trondheim Airport Værnes if you need to rent a car.


There is a train station in Trondheim called Trondheim Central Station, which is connected to other major cities in Norway. The best way to get to Trondheim by train is to take the Dovre Line from Oslo, which offers scenic views of the Norwegian mountains and countryside.


Although Trondheim is a coastal city, there are no direct boat services to the city. However, it is possible to take a ferry from neighboring countries such as Denmark or Sweden and then drive or take the train to Trondheim. Some popular ferry companies include Color Line, Fjord Line, and Stena Line.


Taking the bus to Trondheim is a good option for budget travelers. There are several bus companies that offer services to Trondheim, including Nettbuss, Nor-Way Bussekspress, and Vy express. The bus stations in Trondheim are located near the city center and are easily accessible.

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