Turin Travel Plans

Welcome to a city that’s not quite as famous as its Italian cousins Rome, Venice, and Florence, but has enough charm to make you wonder if they're just a tad jealous. With breathtaking architecture, mouthwatering cuisine, and a love for Juventus that's stronger than espresso, Turin is your surprisingly underrated Italian gem.

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How to get to Turin


The best way to get to Turin, Italy by plane is to take a flight to Turin Airport, also known as Turin-Caselle Airport. There are several international airlines that offer direct flights to Turin from major cities around the world.


The best way to reach Turin, Italy by car is to drive through the well-connected network of highways. Turin can be easily accessed via the A4 and A21 highways, among others.


You can reach Turin, Italy by train by taking a train to Torino Porta Nuova railway station. There are several domestic and international train services that connect Turin with various cities in Italy and Europe.


Although Turin is not directly accessible by boat, you can take a boat to the nearby city of Genoa. From there, you can reach Turin by train or car.


To get to Turin, Italy by bus, you can take a long-distance bus to Torino Bus Station. There are several bus companies that operate routes to Turin from different cities in Italy and other European countries.

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