Villeurbanne Travel Plans

Welcome to Villeurbanne, where the croissants are flakier than your ex's excuses and the wine flows smoother than your dance moves after a few glasses. This city may be lesser known, but it's definitely worth a visit - just don't blame us if you end up wanting to move here permanently.

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How to get to Villeurbanne


The best way to get to Villeurbanne, France by plane is to fly into Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (LYS) and take a taxi or bus to Villeurbanne.


The best way to get to Villeurbanne, France by car is to take the A6 highway from Paris and exit at Villeurbanne.


There is no train station in Villeurbanne, but the best way to get there by train is to take a train to Lyon Part-Dieu Station and then take the metro or bus to Villeurbanne.


There are no direct water routes to Villeurbanne, France. The closest port is the Port de Lyon, and from there you can take a taxi, bus or train to Villeurbanne.


The best way to get to Villeurbanne, France by bus is to take a bus to Lyon and then take the metro or bus to Villeurbanne.

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