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Welcome to a city that sounds like it was named by a group of cartoon characters - Yonkers! Don't let the name fool you though, this spot is worth a visit.

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Yonkers Odyssey: Thrills, Art, Cuisine, and Nature Await!

A family trip to Yonkers, United States offers a diverse range of attractions and activities suitable for all ages. Visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, where kids can play and build with LEGO bricks, or explore the Hudson River Museum, which offers interactive exhibits and beautiful outdoor gardens. Enjoy outdoor fun at Tibbetts Brook Park, featuring playgrounds, water park, pools, and picnic areas, making it a perfect destination for a family-friendly adventure in Yonkers.

Yonkers Unleashed: A 2-Day Adventure for the Whole Family

Yonkers, United States offers a family-friendly trip with a variety of attractions and activities. Visit the popular Legoland Discovery Center for a day filled with creativity and fun as you build, play, and explore. Explore Untermyer Park and Gardens, a picturesque oasis with stunning landscapes, gardens, and even a walled Persian garden, perfect for a peaceful family picnic. Finally, don't miss out on the Science Barge, a unique floating greenhouse and environmental education center, where kids can learn about sustainable farming and renewable energy in an engaging way.

Yonkers Magic: 3 Days of Family-Friendly Adventure

Yonkers offers a delightful family-friendly trip with diverse attractions and activities. Start your day by exploring the Legoland Discovery Center, where kids can enjoy hands-on experiences and build their own creations. Then, head to the Untermyer Park and Gardens, a stunning oasis with breathtaking views, perfect for a relaxing picnic and nature walk. Finally, indulge in a wonderful shopping and dining experience at the Ridge Hill outdoor mall, offering a wide range of options for all ages.

How to get to Yonkers


The best way to get to Yonkers by plane is to fly into the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City and then take either a taxi or the train to Yonkers.


The best way to travel to Yonkers by car is to take the New York State Thruway (Interstate 87) and then exit onto the Cross County Parkway.


Taking the Amtrak train to the Yonkers station would be the best way to travel to Yonkers by train.


While there is no direct way to get to Yonkers by boat, visitors could take a boat ride on the Hudson River and then make their way to Yonkers by car or train.


The easiest way to travel to Yonkers by bus is to take a Greyhound bus to the Yonkers bus station.

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