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A trip to Belgium as a tourist would involve indulging in the country's famous chocolates, waffles, and beers. One can explore its rich history through its Gothic cathedrals, historic squares, and medieval castles. Additionally, tourists can also visit the iconic Atomium building and art museums such as the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

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Best day trips in Belgium

Explore Brussels: Beer, Bites, and Fun

A stag do in Brussels is the perfect combination of beer, food, and adventure. From sampling the local brews at a variety of bars and breweries, to indulging in traditional Belgian cuisine like waffles and mussels, the food and drink scene alone is reason enough to plan a trip. But with a variety of activities to choose from, including go-karting, paintballing, and escape rooms, there's plenty to keep your group entertained and make it a memorable experience.

Antwerp: A Quirky Adventure for the Whole Family

Antwerp, Belgium offers an ideal destination for a family-friendly trip with its beautiful blend of history, culture, and excitement. Explore the iconic Antwerp Central Station and Grote Markt, filled with stunning architecture and vibrant markets. Don't miss out on the family-friendly attractions like the Antwerp Zoo and the interactive Museum aan de Stroom, offering an immersive learning experience for both kids and adults.

Antwerp in a Day: Budget-Friendly Guide

Antwerp is a charming European city with plenty to offer, even for travelers on a tight budget. Visitors can explore affordable museums, enjoy delicious street food, and take advantage of free walking tours to see the city's historical landmarks. With its picturesque streets and welcoming locals, Antwerp is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for an affordable European getaway.

Namur, Belgium: A Day of Delightful Discovery

Namur, Belgium is a charming medieval city located in the heart of the Wallonia region that offers tourists a unique blend of history, culture, and scenic beauty. Visitors can explore the city's ancient fortresses, stunning architecture, and beautiful gardens, or sample the local cuisine and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. With its rich history and welcoming locals, Namur is the perfect destination for anyone looking for an authentic European experience.

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