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As a tourist in Vietnam, you can experience the vibrant culture and history of this Southeast Asian country. You can explore the bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, visit ancient temples and pagodas, and indulge in delicious Vietnamese cuisine. You can also take in the breathtaking natural scenery, including the picturesque Halong Bay and the scenic Mekong Delta.

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Best day trips in Vietnam

Discovering Hoi An: A Day to Remember

Hoi An, Vietnam offers a charming and serene getaway for tourists seeking a unique cultural experience. Its picturesque Old Town is filled with historic architecture, artisanal shops, and delicious street food. Visitors can also enjoy the beach, take a cooking class, or explore nearby attractions such as the My Son Sanctuary.

Hoi An Adventure: Old Town, Beaches & Cuisine

Hoi An is a charming ancient town in Central Vietnam that is budget-friendly and perfect for those seeking an authentic cultural experience. Enjoy the colourful lanterns, cheap street food and the beautiful yellow-walled buildings in the old town. You can also take a cycling tour through the rice fields and visit the stunning An Bang beach for free.

Saigon Stag: A Wild Day Trip Adventure

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is an excellent destination for a stag do due to its affordable nightlife scene and a plethora of attractions in the city. Visitors can explore the buzzing nightlife in District 1 or take a trip out to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels for a unique experience in the countryside. Ho Chi Minh City is also known for its delicious street food, making it a great place to indulge in some tasty snacks while enjoying the local sights and sounds.

Da Nang Delight: A Family-Friendly Adventure in Vietnam

Da Nang, Vietnam is an ideal destination for a family-friendly trip, offering a blend of beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and amusement parks suitable for all ages. Take a leisurely stroll along the iconic My Khe Beach, indulge in delicious local seafood, and visit the famous Marble Mountains and Dragon Bridge. The city's theme parks like Asia Park and Sun World Da Nang Wonders provide endless entertainment with thrilling rides and exciting shows for the whole family.

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