5-day Love Affair in Tartu, Estonia

Discover love in the heart of Estonia's charming city of Tartu.

22 April 2023

Tartu, Estonia is the perfect destination for a quiet and romantic getaway. With its charming old town, scenic parks, and historic architecture, there is plenty to see and explore while also enjoying a relaxing atmosphere. From strolling hand in hand along the Emajõgi River to indulging in some local cuisine and drinks, Tartu is a picturesque and unforgettable destination for any romantic trip.

Travel plan

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Day 1

Arrive in Tartu

  • Check-in to the Entri Hotel, in the heart of Tartu's Old Town.
  • Take a leisurely stroll through Town Hall Square, where you'll see colorful buildings, bustling cafes and street performers.
  • Head to Tartu Art Museum, a beautiful building with pieces from both local and international artists.
  • Afterwards, head to Vilde Cafe, with an intimate and cozy atmosphere perfect for a romantic dinner.
Day 2

Get Active in Tartu

  • Try one of the many outdoor activities like cycling or kayaking, courtesy of Tartu Adventura Tours.
  • Take a stroll along the Emajõgi River, enjoying the scenic views and the cool breeze.
  • Head to Aparaaditehas, a renovated factory that's now a creative hub with shops, cafes, and bars.
  • For dinner head to Truffe, for a meal full of flavor and surprise.
Day 3

Discover Tartu's Culture

  • Visit the incredible Tartu University, Estonia's oldest and most esteemed university.
  • Head to the Estonian National Museum, which has fascinating exhibitions about the country's history and culture.
  • Stop in at Werner Cafe, with its extensive tea menu, perfect for a midday break.
  • In the evening, head to Genialistide Klubi for a live performance, a perfect introduction to Tartu's vibrant music scene.
Day 4

Unwind in Tartu

  • Explore the stunning beauty of Toomemägi Park, a perfect place to relax and unwind amongst the lush foliage.
  • Take the afternoon to explore the quaint shops which dot the Old Town. Head over to Taevas Ogil, to browse through its retro-homewares, and crafts.
  • Enjoy some sauna time at the Atlas Gourmet hotel spa.
  • Head to Pierre for dinner with a cozy atmosphere, amazing service, and a range of delicious international dishes.
Day 5

Depart Tartu

  • Start the day by popping over to Pahad Poisid, a busy bakery that has delicious sweet treats to tantalize your taste buds.
  • Take in the stunning view of Tartu Old Town from the Jaani church tower.
  • Spend the rest of the day relaxing and people watching in Town Hall Square amongst the charming surrounds.
  • Depart Tartu, with thoughts of returning to this beautiful historical city.

How to get there


The best way to get to Tartu by plane is to fly into Tallinn Airport and take a connecting flight to Tartu Airport. Multiple airlines offer daily flights from Tallinn, and the journey takes approximately 50 minutes.


The most popular way to reach Tartu is by car. The drive from Tallinn to Tartu takes approximately 2.5 hours via the E263 highway. Car rental is available at Tallinn Airport and in the city center.


There is no direct train service to Tartu, but you can take a train from Tallinn to Tartu. The journey takes approximately 2.5 hours and there are several departures per day.


There is no direct boat service to Tartu. However, you can take a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn and then continue your journey to Tartu by other means of transportation.


The best way to get to Tartu by bus is to take a direct bus from Tallinn. The journey takes approximately 2.5 hours, and there are several departures per day from Tallinn Bus Station.

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