4-Day Adventure in Beautiful Brest, France

Discover the maritime charm of Brest, France's hidden gem.

22 April 2023

Brest, France is a charming coastal city in Brittany, famous for its stunning beaches, delicious seafood, and rich culture. As a tourist, you can explore the city's magnificent neo-Gothic architecture, stroll along its picturesque harbor, and visit its many museums and galleries. Whether you're interested in history, art, cuisine, or simply lounging on the beach, Brest has something to offer for everyone!

Travel plan

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Day 1

Discovering Brest

  • Check in at the lovely Hotel Oceania for a comfortable stay
  • Start with a visit to Oceanopolis, the incredible marine center with remarkable species
  • Head down to the castle museum for a glimpse into Brest’s fascinating history
  • Move to the lively Rue de Siam for shopping, dining and people watching
  • Sample the delicious seafood at Le Boucanier, known for their mussels and fresh fish
Day 2

Coastal escapades

  • Explore the stunning Plage du Moulin Blanc, known for its clear blue waters and sandy beaches
  • Take a coastal hike or even a boat tour for a panoramic view of the coast
  • Discover the charming village of Le Conquet for its picturesque harbor, seaside restaurants and cafes
  • Visit the impressive Fort de Bertheaume for stunning views of the ocean and the coastline
  • Dine amidst the historic ambiance of La Cantine du Port with its local seafood specialties
Day 3

Art and culture

  • Spend the morning wandering through the eclectic musee des beaux-arts, showcasing modern and contemporary art
  • Visit the public square, Place de la Liberté for a taste of local life and culture
  • Take a guided tour of the Tanguy Tower, once a medieval fortress now home to a collection of local art
  • Take in a maximum theater experience at the Theatro, an art deco theater for live performances from comedies to dramatics
  • Sample the scrumptious French cuisine at Le Patio for dinner over a delightful ambiance
Day 4

Nature Discoveries

  • Take a scenic drive to the breathtaking Abers Island, famous for its jagged cliffs and picturesque landscapes
  • Take in the clear blue waters and the vegetation at the Parc du Stang Alar
  • Take a exhilarating walk on the stunning La Corniche, a road hugging the coastal cliffs
  • Explore the Brest National Botanic Garden for a glimpse into unique plant life
  • Indulge in mouthwatering French cuisine and local wine at Le 180 restaurant
  • Bon Voyage!

How to get there


The best way to get to Brest, France by plane is to fly to Brest Bretagne Airport from Paris. The flight takes around 1.5 hours and there are multiple flights per day. From the airport, take the Navette Aéroport shuttle bus to Brest city center.


If you prefer to drive to Brest, France, the best route is to take the A10 and A11 highways from Paris. The drive takes around 5.5 hours and there are plenty of rest stops and service areas along the way. In Brest, there are plenty of parking options, including street parking and car parks.


If you want to travel to Brest, France by train, the best option is to take the TGV from Paris Montparnasse to Brest station. The journey takes around 4.5 hours and there are several trains per day. From the station, take a taxi or bus to your destination.


While there are no direct ferries to Brest, France, you can take a ferry to Roscoff from Plymouth or Cork and then drive to Brest. The journey takes around 2.5 hours and there are several ferry companies that operate this route. Once in Roscoff, take the D58 and N12 highways to Brest.


Traveling to Brest, France by bus is a budget-friendly option. You can take the FlixBus from Paris to Brest, which takes around 8 hours. The bus arrives at Brest city center, so you can easily explore the city by foot or public transport.

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