The Ultimate 6-Day German Adventure

Discover the wonders of Germany, where history meets modernity.

22 April 2023

Tourists visiting Germany can experience a blend of rich history, modern culture and scenic beauty. Known for its famous landmarks and iconic structures like the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall, Germany offers a wealth of architectural and historical wonders. Visitors can also enjoy sampling traditional German food and drink while exploring the country's picturesque landscapes, from the Bavarian Alps to the Rhine Valley.

Travel plan

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Day 1

Arrival in Munich

  • Check into the funky and artsy Hotel Torbraeu
  • Stroll around the historic Marienplatz and watch the Glockenspiel chime away
  • Drink steins of beer and eat schnitzel at the world-famous Hofbrauhaus
  • Catch a stunning sunset from the top of the St. Peter's Church
  • Get lost in the sprawling English Garden
Day 2

Munich Madness

  • Take a bike tour of the city's hidden gems
  • Visit the sobering Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial
  • Buy souvenirs at the vibrant Viktualienmarkt
  • Gawk at the architecture of Nymphenburg Palace and its picturesque gardens
  • End the night with a bar crawl in the hip Maxvorstadt district
Day 3

Roaming Regensburg

  • Travel to the charming town of Regensburg by train
  • Marvel at the medieval architecture of the old town and its stone bridge
  • Visit the stunning St. Peter's Cathedral and its soaring spires
  • Have a refreshing pint at the Biergarten of the Regensburg Sausage Kitchen
  • Take a lazy cruise on the Danube River
Day 4

Heidelberg Hopping

  • Head to the picturesque university town of Heidelberg
  • Admire the imposing Heidelberg Castle and the views from the Philosopher's Walk
  • Walk through the vibrant and bohemian Old Town
  • Visit the oldest German university and Einstein's Alma Mater
  • Indulge in some local wine at the historic Student Jail
Day 5

Berlin Blitz

  • Take a long train ride to the buzzing capital of Berlin
  • Learn about the city's tumultuous past at the Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Visit the stunning Reichstag building and the nearby Brandenburg Gate
  • Have a currywurst at the iconic Checkpoint Charlie
  • Roam around the hipster neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain
Day 6

Frankfurt Farewell

  • Return to Munich by train
  • Spend the day shopping in the sleek and modern city of Frankfurt
  • Visit the historic Römerberg Square and the stunning St. Bartholomew's Cathedral
  • Have some gourmet pretzels and beer at the Apfelwein Wagner tavern
  • End the journey with a stroll through the scenic Palmengarten park.

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