3 Days in Bologna: Uncovering Italian Culture

Experience the culinary capital of Italy in Bologna.

22 April 2023

Bologna, Italy is a fascinating destination for tourists who want to experience the finest of Italian cultural delights. From stunning Renaissance and Medieval architecture to delicious traditional Italian cuisine, this city has it all. Visitors can explore the famous Piazza Maggiore, shop at the local markets, or dive into the city's rich history at the Archaeological Museum.

Travel plan

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Day 1

Discovering the Heart of Bologna

  • Start the day with a visit to the iconic Two Towers for panoramic views of the city
  • Walk through the charming streets of the historic center, stopping at Piazza Maggiore to marvel at the Basilica di San Petronio
  • Continue the cultural immersion with a tour of the Archiginnasio, a stunning 16th-century building that used to house the city's main university
  • Indulge in a lunch of delicious regional specialties at Trattoria da Me
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to the famed gelateria Gelato University for inventive and delectable flavors
  • End the day with a trip to the picturesque Parco della Montagnola, a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city
  • Hotel Recommendation: Albergo delle Drapperie
Day 2

From Art to Food

  • Start the day with a visit to the National Gallery of Bologna for a stunning collection of Italian masterpieces
  • Next, take a refreshing stroll through the Giardini Margherita, a sprawling park filled with gardens, lakes, and playgrounds
  • Head over to Mercato di Mezzo to explore the bustling market and indulge in some street food like traditional piadina sandwiches
  • Enjoy a wine tasting at Enoteca Italiana, one of the best wine shops in the city that offers a wide selection of Italian wines
  • End the day at Trattoria di Via Serra, a cozy restaurant that serves up mouth-watering homemade pasta and other regional dishes
  • Hotel Recommendation: Hotel Roma
Day 3

Day Trip to Ravenna

  • Take a train to the nearby city of Ravenna, known for its stunning Byzantine mosaics
  • Tour the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Basilica di San Vitale, Mausoleo di Galla Placidia, and Battistero Neoniano to marvel at the intricate mosaic decorations
  • Grab a bite to eat at Piadina Piada, a local spot that serves up delicious and authentic piadina sandwiches
  • Visit the Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra, a unique museum that showcases well-preserved Roman mosaics discovered beneath a modern building
  • If time permits, cap off the day with a swim in the nearby Adriatic Sea or a stroll along the sandy beaches
  • Hotel Recommendation: Palazzo Bezzi
  • Note: It's always important to confirm opening hours and make reservations if necessary, as these can vary depending on the season or holidays.

How to get there


The best way to get to Bologna by plane is to fly into Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport, which is located approximately 6 kilometers from the city center. Many major airlines offer direct flights to Bologna from cities across Europe, including London, Paris, and Frankfurt.


If you prefer to drive, Bologna is easily accessible from several major highways, including the A1, which runs from Milan to Bologna and on to Rome. You can rent a car from major providers at Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport, or you can drive your own car and park in one of the city's public parking lots.


Traveling to Bologna by train is easy thanks to the city's central location and excellent rail connections. Bologna Centrale is the main train station in the city, and it operates high-speed trains to destinations throughout Italy, including Rome, Florence, and Venice.


While there is no direct ferry service to Bologna, it is possible to take a ferry to nearby coastal cities such as Ravenna and Ancona and then travel to Bologna by train or bus. Alternatively, you can charter a private boat to travel to one of the marinas located on nearby bodies of water such as Lake Garda or the Adriatic Sea.


There are several bus companies that provide services to Bologna from other Italian cities such as Florence, Pisa, and Milan. The main bus station in Bologna is located next to the train station, making it easy to connect to other destinations. Tickets can usually be purchased online or at the bus station.

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