Bella Bologna: A Budget-Friendly Day Trip Guide

Explore the flavors of Bologna on a budget.

21 June 2023

Bologna, Italy is a beautiful city with plenty of history and culture to explore, offering activities for visitors on a limited budget. Visitors can wander through the charming streets of the old town and admire the many historic attractions including the iconic Two Towers. Foodies will revel in the delicious local cuisine, including the famous Bolognese sauce and the hearty pasta dishes.

Day trip plan

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Bella Bologna

  • Start the day with an Italian breakfast at Bar Camst, famous for its croissants and cappuccino, but also affordable prices.
  • Wander through the streets of the medieval Savena district, where you can admire the beautiful 13th-century Santuario della Madonna di San Luca and its porticoes.
  • Stop for lunch at the Osteria dell'Orsa, where you can try the famous ragù alla bolognese or the crescentine, a typical dish of Emilia-Romagna, all while enjoying a casual and cozy atmosphere.
  • Visit Piazza Maggiore, the heart of Bologna, surrounded by important buildings such as the Basilica of San Petronio and the Palazzo dei Banchi, and watch people playing chess or bocce.
  • Explore the Quadrilatero, the traditional market area of Bologna, where you can find local products such as fresh pasta, cheeses, and meats, and don't miss the Mercato delle Erbe, a covered market with a trendy vibe.
  • End the day with an aperitivo at the Caffè Terzi, a landmark for coffee lovers, and taste one of their specialty cocktails, like the Negroni Terzi, made with Aperol, gin, and passion fruit.

How to get there


The best way to get to Bologna by plane is to fly into Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport, which is located approximately 6 kilometers from the city center. Many major airlines offer direct flights to Bologna from cities across Europe, including London, Paris, and Frankfurt.


If you prefer to drive, Bologna is easily accessible from several major highways, including the A1, which runs from Milan to Bologna and on to Rome. You can rent a car from major providers at Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport, or you can drive your own car and park in one of the city's public parking lots.


Traveling to Bologna by train is easy thanks to the city's central location and excellent rail connections. Bologna Centrale is the main train station in the city, and it operates high-speed trains to destinations throughout Italy, including Rome, Florence, and Venice.


While there is no direct ferry service to Bologna, it is possible to take a ferry to nearby coastal cities such as Ravenna and Ancona and then travel to Bologna by train or bus. Alternatively, you can charter a private boat to travel to one of the marinas located on nearby bodies of water such as Lake Garda or the Adriatic Sea.


There are several bus companies that provide services to Bologna from other Italian cities such as Florence, Pisa, and Milan. The main bus station in Bologna is located next to the train station, making it easy to connect to other destinations. Tickets can usually be purchased online or at the bus station.

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