6-Day Italian Adventure: from Bologna to Venice

Experience la dolce vita in Italy.

22 April 2023

A trip to Italy as a tourist is an unforgettable experience filled with history, culture, and delicious food. From exploring ancient ruins in Rome to admiring Renaissance art in Florence and savoring the fantastic cuisine in Naples, there is something for every traveler. The picturesque coastal towns of the Amalfi Coast and the sparkling canals of Venice also provide a charming and magical experience for any tourist visiting Italy.

Travel plan

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Day 1

Bellissima Bologna

  • Check into the Art Hotel Commercianti, perfectly located in Bologna's historic center
  • Savor the famous Bolognese cuisine at Osteria dell'Orsa, try the tagliatelle al ragù
  • Visit the medieval towers Torre degli Asinelli and Torre Garisenda for a panoramic view of the city
  • Wander through the charming Mercato di Mezzo, an indoor food market packed with local delicacies
  • Enjoy a pre-dinner drink at Farys, a funky bar with a great selection of cocktails
Day 2

Ravishing Ravenna

  • Take a train to Ravenna, a small city renowned for its stunning Byzantine mosaics
  • Visit the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and its intricate gold and blue mosaics
  • Marvel at the Basilica di San Vitale, adorned with dazzling mosaics depicting biblical scenes and imperial processions
  • Stroll through Piazza del Popolo and discover the charming street art and stylish shops
  • Relax with a glass of Sangiovese wine and a plate of piadina at Piadineria del Lago
Day 3

Seductive Siena

  • Drive to Siena, a hilltop city famed for its Palio horse race and medieval architecture
  • Visit the awe-inspiring Siena Cathedral and admire its intricate marble floor and stained-glass windows
  • Explore the winding streets of the historic center and stumble upon hidden piazzas and artisanal shops
  • Treat yourself to a lunch of pici all'aglione, a local pasta dish with garlic and tomato sauce, at Trattoria La Torre
  • End the day with a scenic hike to the Torre del Mangia for a stunning sunset view over the city
Day 4

Fantastic Florence

  • Take a train to Florence, the cultural and artistic capital of Tuscany
  • Browse the Uffizi Gallery and its unparalleled collection of Renaissance masterpieces, including Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus"
  • Climb the Duomo's bell tower for a bird's-eye view of the city and its red-tiled rooftops
  • Stroll along the Ponte Vecchio and shop for jewelry and souvenirs at its iconic goldsmiths' shops
  • Savor a Florentine steak at Trattoria Toscana da Burde, paired with a robust Chianti wine
Day 5

Majestic Milan

  • Travel to Milan, the fashion and design capital of Italy
  • Visit the impressive Cathedral of Milan, with its intricate Gothic facade and soaring spires
  • Stroll through the trendy Navigli district and its picturesque canals, lined with bars and restaurants
  • Admire Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece "The Last Supper" at the Santa Maria delle Grazie church
  • Indulge in some gelato at Grom, a renowned artisanal gelateria with all-natural ingredients
Day 6

Enchanting Venice

  • Take a train to Venice, the magical city of canals and gondolas
  • Get lost in the winding alleys and hidden corners of the historic center, filled with charming cafes and craft shops
  • Visit the iconic St. Mark's Basilica and its dazzling mosaics and Byzantine architecture
  • Sip an Aperol Spritz and nibble on cicchetti, the Venetian version of tapas, at Bacaro Risorto
  • End the night with a romantic gondola ride along the Grand Canal, watching the lights and reflections dance on the water.

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