5-Day Padua Getaway: Romance, Art, and Markets

Fall in love all over again in the charming streets of Padua, Italy.

03 May 2023

Padua is a city located in northeastern Italy that boasts romantic charm and rich history. Couples can explore the city's stunning architecture, such as the Basilica di Sant'Antonio and Palazzo della Ragione, before indulging in the region's delicious cuisine at local restaurants and cafes. A stroll through the city's charming streets and piazzas, including Piazza delle Erbe, provides plenty of opportunities for cozy moments and intimate memories.

Travel plan

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Day 1

Sweet Romance

  • Check into Hotel Giotto, a charming and cozy boutique hotel with elegant decor and a great location
  • Stroll through the Botanical Garden, a beautiful oasis of greenery with a peaceful atmosphere
  • Indulge in some gelato at GROM, a gelateria with artisanal and high-quality varieties of the classic Italian dessert
  • Savor some traditional Venetian dishes at Trattoria dall'Amelia, a cozy and local restaurant with delicious food and a welcoming staff
Day 2

Art and Architecture

  • Visit the Scrovegni Chapel, a world-famous masterpiece of Italian art with stunning frescoes by Giotto
  • Explore the imposing Palazzo della Ragione, a medieval palace with a fascinating history and beautiful architecture
  • See the majestic Basilica di Sant'Antonio, a stunning church with impressive artwork and a serene atmosphere
  • Enjoy a panoramic view of Padua from the top of Torre degli Anziani, a tall and historic tower with a unique perspective
Day 3

Market Madness

  • Browse through the vibrant and colorful markets of Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta, bustling with locals and tourists eager to buy fresh produce and souvenirs
  • Taste some delicious street food at Mercato del Pane, a lively market with a wide variety of breads, sandwiches, and snacks
  • Discover the hidden gem of Il Banchetto, a small and cozy restaurant with delicious and inventive cuisine and a quirky decor
  • Drink some wine at Enoteca Carrarese, a charming and friendly wine bar with an extensive selection of local and international wines
Day 4

Green Escape

  • Take a day trip to the Euganean Hills, a stunning natural area with lush forests, picturesque villages, and thermal baths
  • Relax and rejuvenate at Terme Euganee, a renowned spa with thermal pools, saunas, and massages
  • Hike or cycle through the scenic trails of Colli Euganei, experiencing the beauty and peace of the Italian countryside
  • Enjoy a delicious dinner at La Montecchia, a refined and elegant restaurant with a wonderful selection of wines and dishes
Day 5

Souvenir Splurge

  • Shop for some unique and authentic souvenirs at the antique and vintage markets of Padua, full of treasures and curiosities
  • Visit the charming and eclectic bookshop Libreria delle Donne, a feminist and literary haven with a wide selection of books and events
  • Taste some of the best chocolate in town at Majani Cioccolato, a historic and prestigious chocolate maker with exquisite products and a fascinating history
  • End your trip with a romantic evening at Ristorante Al Capitello, a sophisticated and cozy restaurant with impeccable service and a romantic atmosphere.

How to get there


The best way to get to Padua, Italy by plane is to fly to Venice Marco Polo Airport and then take a train to Padua. There are direct train services from the airport to Padua that take approximately 30-40 minutes.


If you are driving to Padua, take the A4 motorway from Milan or Venice and exit at Padova Est. From there, follow the signs to the city center. Be aware that Padua has a limited traffic zone (ZTL), where access is restricted to certain hours and days.


If you are already in Italy, the best way to get to Padua by train is to take a regional train from Venice, Milan, or Bologna. Padua has its own central train station called Padova Centrale, which is well connected to other major cities in Italy.


Padua is an inland city and not accessible by boat. The nearest port is Venice, where you can take a train or bus directly to Padua.


The best way to get to Padua by bus is to take a coach from Venice or Florence. There are several coach companies offering direct and indirect services to Padua, and the journey time varies depending on the route you choose.

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