Tilburg Treasures: A Whimsical Day of Fun and Culture

Discover family fun in Tilburg, Netherlands!

19 July 2023

Tilburg, located in the southern part of the Netherlands, offers a perfect balance of family-friendly attractions and cultural experiences. Families can enjoy exploring the Efteling Theme Park with its enchanting rides and magical atmosphere. They can also visit the TextielMuseum, a fascinating museum where children can learn about the history of textiles through interactive exhibits and workshops.

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A Taste of Tilburg:

  • Start your day with a visit to the Efteling theme park, a whimsical wonderland where fairy tales come to life. Prepare to be enchanted!
  • Take a stroll through the vibrant Piushaven neighborhood and soak up the lively atmosphere in one of the charming waterfront cafes.
  • Head to the Tilburg Textile Museum and witness the magic of textile craftsmanship unravel before your eyes. Weave your way through fascinating exhibitions and watch skilled weavers at work.
  • Enjoy a delightful picnic in the expansive green spaces of the Spoorpark. Grab some local goodies from the Street Food Festival, while the kids unleash their energy on the play equipment.
  • Make your way to the quirky Museum of Contemporary Art De Pont and immerse yourself in the world of awe-inspiring art installations, leaving your mind buzzing with creative inspiration.
  • Treat your taste buds to a scrumptious dinner at Kok Verhoeven, a hidden gem tucked away in an old industrial building. Sample their delectable seasonal menu and discover gastronomic delights you never knew existed.

How to get there


The best way to get to Tilburg by plane is to fly into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and then take a train from Schiphol Airport to Tilburg - this journey takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.


The best way to get to Tilburg by car is to take the A58 highway and then take exit 11 towards Tilburg/Goirle - there are multiple parking options available in Tilburg such as public car parks and on-street metered parking.


If you are already within the Netherlands, the best way to get to Tilburg by train is to take an intercity train to Tilburg station, which is the central station serving the city.


As Tilburg is an inland city, there are no direct boat services available. However, you can take a boat to the nearby city of Rotterdam and then use other modes of transport to reach Tilburg.


There are direct bus services available from various cities in the Netherlands such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven to Tilburg - the options for this mode of transport vary depending on the departure city.

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Tilburg, Netherlands is an ideal location for a romantic getaway, with a mixture of natural beauty and city charm. Take walks hand in hand through the stunning Oude Warande park, explore museums and art galleries, and have dinner at one of the many romantic restaurants this city has to offer. With its unique combination of old world charm and modern vibrancy, Tilburg is the perfect destination for a truly unforgettable romantic trip.

Tilburg Tales: The Ultimate 3-Day Family Adventure!

Tilburg, located in the southern part of the Netherlands, offers a plethora of family-friendly attractions and activities. Families can explore the enchanting De Efteling amusement park with its fairytale-themed rides and captivating shows, or delve into the world of science with interactive exhibits at the popular Natuurmuseum Brabant. Additionally, the lush green spaces and cycling routes in the nearby Oude Warande and Loonse en Drunense Duinen national parks provide ample opportunities for outdoor adventures.

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Embark on a creative and colorful romantic journey by discovering the vibrant city of Tilburg, Netherlands. Explore the lush green parks by bike or stroll around the up-and-coming neighbourhoods to witness the city's contemporary art scene. Immerse in local delicacies over a romantic dinner for two at one of the city's hidden gems.

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For budget-conscious travellers, Tilburg in the Netherlands offers a range of affordable attractions and activities. The city boasts a wealth of cultural and historic sites, including the TextielMuseum and Museum De Pont, both of which offer free admission with Museumkaart. For accommodation, a range of budget-friendly options are available, including hostels and budget hotels like ibis Tilburg.