Kraków Culture, Nature & Budget Bliss

Experience the rich history and culture of Kraków without breaking the bank!

21 June 2023

Kraków, Poland is the perfect destination for budget travelers seeking a mix of history and culture. A trip to the Wawel Castle and the Old Town is a must-do, along with a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. There are plenty of affordable hostels and local restaurants serving traditional Polish cuisine, making it an affordable destination for those on a tight budget.

Travel plan

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  • Start with a stroll along the Planty Park's greenery-looping the Old Town
  • Explore the Main Market Square, where you can marvel at St. Mary's Basilica
  • Pay a visit to the Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral, overlooking the Vistula River
  • Enjoy a tasty yet budget-friendly lunch at the local milk bar 'Bar Pod Temida'
  • Take a refreshing walk along Krakow's riverwalk on the Vistula Boulevard
  • In the evening, join the 'Free Walking Tour' for an entertaining and educational taste of Krakow’s rich history
  • Accommodation: Secret Garden Hostel – an ideally located, budget-friendly hostel in the heart of Krakow.
  • Begin the day with a visit to the National Museum’s historic building, for free admission on Tuesday
  • Satisfy your coffee cravings and enjoy beautiful art at the Czulosc Cafe and Art Gallery
  • Continue to Podgórze district to Visit Schindler’s Factory and learn about WWII in Kraków
  • Visit the Kazimierz neighborhood, once the city's Jewish district, and see its many synagogues
  • Stop for delicious pierogies at the trendy 'Pierogarnia Krakowiacy'
  • Finally, end the day with a drink and a relaxing stroll around the cozy Dolnych Młynów, a riverside complex of bars and eateries
  • Start the day with a view to remember take the bus to Kosciuszko Mound and admire panoramic views of the city
  • Visit the Botanical Garden of Jagiellonian University, housing rare and exotic plants from all over the world
  • Take a 2-hour hike to Zakrzówek lake a former limestone quarry turned into a hidden gem for dive enthusiasts and nature lovers alike
  • Enjoy a quintessentially Polish sandwich, called 'zapiekanka', at the local spot, 'Endzior's'
  • Afterwards, catch a tram to Błonia a vast green park where locals gather for picnics, sports, and events
  • Finally, treat yourself to a cold beer or some ice-cream at the park's chilled 'Zapiexy' beer garden
  • Bon Voyage!

How to get there


The best way to get to Kraków, Poland by plane is to fly into John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice, which is located about 11 kilometers from the city center.


The best way to get to Kraków, Poland by car is to follow the A4 motorway, which connects the city with other major Polish cities such as Warsaw and Wrocław. It's worth noting that parking in the city center can be difficult and expensive, so it's recommended to park outside the city and use public transportation to get around.


Kraków has its own train station, Kraków Główny, which is located in the city center and is well-connected with other major Polish cities such as Warsaw and Gdańsk.


Kraków is not accessible by boat as it is located inland and does not have any navigable rivers or canals. The closest port city is Gdańsk, which is located on the Baltic Sea and can be reached by ferry or cruise ship.


The best way to get to Kraków, Poland by bus is to take one of the many domestic or international bus services that arrive at Kraków Bus Station. The station is located close to the city center and is well-served by local transportation.

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Kraków, Poland offers a perfect family-friendly vacation destination filled with historical charm and enriching experiences. Explore the impressive Wawel Castle, visit the interactive exhibitions at the Museum of Kraków and immerse yourself in the fairytale atmosphere of the iconic Main Market Square. With a plethora of parks, playgrounds, and child-friendly attractions, Kraków is a delightful city that guarantees a memorable and enjoyable trip for the entire family.