Escape for a romantic weekend in Rzeszów

Fall in love with the charm of Rzeszów, Poland on your next romantic getaway.

22 April 2023

: Rzeszów is the ideal romantic escape for couples seeking adventure and relaxation in a charming city in Southern Poland. Enjoy romantic walks around the picturesque Old Town, visit historic landmarks like the Rzeszów Castle or Slowacki Park, and indulge in delicious Polish cuisine at cozy restaurants with lovely atmosphere overlooking the charming Market Square. Whether you want to explore the city's cultural heritage or simply enjoy quality time with your partner, Rzeszów is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

Travel plan

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Day 1

Exploring Rzeszów's Charm

  • Check-in at Hotel Metropolitan, a stylish and modern hotel for a romantic stay.
  • Visit the Rzeszów Market Square, a lively hub of street performers, local shops and restaurants.
  • Admire the beauty of the Lubomirski Palace and its Renaissance architecture.
  • Stroll around the Rzeszow Castle, a historic fortress built in the 14th century.
  • Relax at the city's popular Krasiński Park, where you can enjoy lush greenery and peaceful atmosphere.
  • End the day with an intimate dinner at Karczma Młyńska, serving traditional Polish cuisine with a cozy and rustic ambiance.
Day 2

Art & Culture in Rzeszów

  • Start the day with a scrumptious breakfast at Cafe Fredro, known for its fresh pastries and artisan coffee.
  • Visit the Podkarpackie Museum, where you can learn about the history and culture of the region.
  • Admire the contemporary art collection at BWA Rzeszów, a cultural center featuring local and international artists.
  • Take a scenic hike up to the Tadeusz Romanowski Palace, offering stunning views of the city and surrounding hills.
  • Enjoy a romantic walk along the Wisłoka River, which runs through the heart of the city.
  • Have a late lunch at Restauracja Poloniny, serving tasty dishes inspired by regional cuisine with a modern twist.
  • Rzeszów is a charming and off-beat destination, perfect for a romantic getaway. With its unique blend of history, culture and natural beauty, this city is sure to leave you with an everlasting impression.

How to get there


The best way to get to Rzeszów, Poland by plane is to fly into Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport, which is located about 10 km north of the city center. Several airlines offer direct flights to Rzeszów-Jasionka from various cities in Europe, including Ryanair, Wizz Air, and LOT Polish Airlines.


Driving to Rzeszów, Poland is an option if you are coming from within Europe. Rzeszów is accessible via the A4 motorway, which connects the city to Kraków, Wrocław, and Berlin. However, be prepared for tolls and traffic jams, especially during peak travel times.


While there is no direct train service to Rzeszów from outside Poland, it is possible to take a train from other Polish cities, such as Kraków or Warsaw. The train station in Rzeszów is called Rzeszów Główny and is located in the city center. However, it may be more convenient to take a bus or fly into Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport instead.


There are no direct boat routes to Rzeszów, Poland as the city is located inland. However, it is possible to take a boat along the Wisła River to Kraków and then continue on to Rzeszów by train, bus, or car.


The best way to get to Rzeszów, Poland by bus is to take a long-distance bus from one of the major Polish cities, such as Kraków or Warsaw. Several bus companies offer service to Rzeszów, including Polski Bus and Flixbus. The main bus station in Rzeszów is located in the city center.

More travel plans

5 Days of Family Fun: Exploring Rzeszów, Poland!

Rzeszów, located in southeastern Poland, is an ideal destination for a family-friendly trip. With its rich history, beautiful architecture, and abundance of parks and green spaces, there is much to explore. Visit attractions like the Rzeszów Castle, the Rzeszów Underground Route, and enjoy outdoor activities like cycling or picnicking in the Park of Culture and Recreation.

A Fun-Filled Day Trip to Rzeszów, Poland

Rzeszów is a charming city in southeastern Poland known for its rich history, picturesque architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. Visitors can explore fascinating museums and galleries, stroll through scenic parks and gardens, and sample delicious local cuisine at the city's many restaurants and cafes. With its friendly locals, lively atmosphere, and wealth of attractions, Rzeszów is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the best of Poland.

The Ultimate Weekend in Rzeszów, Poland

As a tourist, Rzeszów in Poland promises a plethora of attractions to explore. Visitors can explore the city's rich history through its museums and ancient buildings. The city's thriving nightlife and delicious local cuisine provide a perfect opportunity to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.

Romantic Weekend Escape to Rzeszów, Poland

Rzeszów, Poland is a perfect destination for a romantic trip filled with charming old town, picturesque landscape, and popular cultural events. Couples can explore its lively streets, unique architecture, and vibrant culture, while also indulging in delicious local cuisine, wine, and beer. From strolling through the Market Square to visiting nearby castles and museums, Rzeszów offers a perfect blend of romance and history.