3-Day Jerez Adventure: Flamenco, Sherry, and More!

Experience the authentic charm of Andalusia's sherry capital in Jerez de la Frontera.

03 May 2023

A trip to Jerez de la Frontera would include exploring the city's famous sherry wine culture, visiting landmarks such as the Alcázar and Cathedral, and enjoying traditional Andalusian cuisine and flamenco performances. The city also offers opportunities for horseback riding, golfing and bird watching in nearby natural parks.

Travel plan

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Day 1

Flamenco and Sherry

  • Check into your boutique hotel, Hotel Doña Blanca, located in the heart of Jerez.
  • Immerse yourself in flamenco culture with a show at Peña Flamenca Buena Gente.
  • Sip on the city's famous sherry at Bodega Fundador, founded in 1730.
  • Grab dinner and drinks at Taberna Flamenca Los Velos, where the nightly live performances feature Andalusian guitar and flamenco singing.
Day 2

Horses and Palaces

  • Begin the day with a cup of coffee at Café Royalty, a 100-year-old institution.
  • Visit the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art to see the legendary dancing horses.
  • Take a stroll through the stunning Alcázar de Jerez, a Moorish palace from the 11th century.
  • Explore the Cathedral of Jerez, a mix of Gothic and Baroque styles.
  • Savor some traditional tapas at La Cruz Blanca or try the gourmet tasting menu at Aponiente.
Day 3

Art and Gardens

  • Enjoy breakfast at Hotel Soho Boutique Jerez, a modern and stylish hotel.
  • Visit the Museum of Fine Arts to see works by Murillo, Zurbarán, and Goya.
  • Wander through the beautiful gardens of the Botanical Zoo, home to exotic plants and animals.
  • Spend the afternoon at the Tio Pepe Bodega, where you can tour the cellars and taste the finest sherries.
  • Have dinner at El Faro, a Michelin-starred restaurant serving fresh seafood and innovative tapas.
  • Jerez de la Frontera is a city bursting with culture, history, and tradition. From flamenco and sherry to horses and palaces, there's something for everyone in this gem of Andalusia. Come for the art, stay for the food, and leave with a piece of Spain in your heart.

How to get there


The best way to get to Jerez de la Frontera by plane is to fly into Jerez Airport, which is located just 10km outside of the city center. There are several airlines that offer direct flights to Jerez from major European cities, such as London and Paris.


If you are driving to Jerez de la Frontera, the best route is the A-4 motorway that connects Madrid with Seville. Jerez is located approximately 90 minutes from Seville by car. There are several car rental companies in Jerez that offer competitive rates for travelers.


There is a train station in Jerez de la Frontera, but it is not the best way to get there. It is mainly used for regional travel within Andalusia. However, you can take a train from Madrid to Seville and then transfer to a local train or bus to get to Jerez.


Jerez de la Frontera is not a coastal city, so there are no direct boat routes to get there. However, you can take a ferry from nearby Cadiz to the Canary Islands or North Africa, which are both popular destinations for travelers visiting Andalusia.


Taking a bus to Jerez de la Frontera is a convenient and affordable way to travel. There are several bus companies that operate routes to Jerez from major cities in Spain, such as Madrid and Barcelona. The bus station in Jerez is located in the city center, making it easy to get around once you arrive.

More travel plans

Sipping, savoring, and soaking up Jerez's charm.

A trip to Jerez de la Frontera offers visitors the perfect blend of culture, history, and gastronomy. Known as the birthplace of sherry wine, visitors can explore the various wineries and taste some of the best sherry selections in the world. The city also boasts stunning architecture, vibrant festivals, and delicious Andalusian cuisine, making it a must-see destination for any traveler to Spain.

3-Day Romance in Jerez: Sherry, Horses, & Tapas

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain is the ideal destination for a romantic trip. This charming town, famous for its sherry and horses, offers an array of experiences for couples. From intimate winery tours to horseback riding on the beach, Jerez de la Frontera is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories with your loved one.

5 Days of Romance in Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain is the perfect romantic getaway destination for couples looking to enjoy the beauty of Andalusia's countryside. Take a relaxing stroll through the ornate gardens of the Alcazar of Jerez or explore the stunning vineyards surrounding the city. Live the romance with a horseback riding tour in the famous Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

Discover the Best of Jerez in Two Days

Jerez de la Frontera is a charming city in southern Spain that offers a unique experience for tourists. Visitors can indulge in a variety of activities, such as exploring the historical landmarks of the city, savoring delicious wine and sherry, and watching flamenco performances. With its rich cultural heritage and stunning scenic beauty, Jerez de la Frontera is an ideal destination for anyone looking for an authentic Spanish experience.