Lleida in Five: Fun-filled budget itinerary

Discover stunning Lleida without breaking the bank.

21 June 2023

Lleida, a charming city in Spain's Catalonia region, offers plenty to see and do for travelers on a budget. Explore the famous Seu Vella and ancient Roman ruins, then walk through the beautiful gardens of Camps Elisis. Sample the local cuisine at affordable eateries and stay in budget-friendly accommodations.

Travel plan

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Day 1

Arrival and Exploring the City

  • Check into Hotel Real Lleida, a budget-friendly hotel centrally located in the city
  • Visit the Seu Vella, an ancient cathedral with beautiful Gothic architecture
  • Explore the beautiful gardens of Jardins del Bisbe and enjoy the stunning views of the city
  • Dine at Tasca La Lluna, a cozy restaurant with tasty tapas and a great selection of wine
  • End the day with a stroll by the River Segre and take in the picturesque sunset
Day 2

Adventure in the Pyrenees

  • Take a day trip to the Pyrenees Mountains, just an hour's drive from Lleida
  • Hike the trails of Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by stunning mountain scenery
  • Visit the medieval village of Ainsa and explore its historic castle
  • Head back to Lleida and savor authentic Catalan cuisine at El Claustre
Day 3

Culture and History

  • Immerse yourself in Lleida's rich history at the Museu de Lleida
  • Admire the impressive collection of Romanesque art at the Diocesan and Regional Museum
  • Walk through the narrow streets of La Seu Vella and discover the city's secrets
  • Savor the tastes of Catalonia at Casa Guillermo, known for its delicious paella
  • Catch a movie at JCA Cinemes Vila-real, Lleida's oldest cinema which dates back to 1920
Day 4

Rural Life and Vineyards

  • Discover rural Catalan life with a visit to the town of Les Garrigues, known for its olive oil production
  • Experience artisanal winemaking at Castell del Remei, a charming winery that dates back to 1780
  • Stroll through the vineyards and enjoy a wine tasting
  • Satisfy your hunger with local specialties at Hostal Nou, a cozy rural restaurant
  • Head back to Lleida and enjoy a night out with drinks at Bar Diogenes, a popular spot amongst locals
Day 5

Leisurely Day in Lleida

  • Have a leisurely breakfast at Sant Jordi, a charming bakery in the city center
  • Take a stroll in the Parc de la Mitjana and enjoy the peaceful nature
  • Visit the Mercat del Pla, an indoor market with fresh local produce
  • Choose from a variety of tantalizing desserts at La Llar dels Dolços
  • End your stay in Lleida with a relaxing evening at the hotel's outdoor terrace, enjoying the view of the city at night.

How to get there


The best way to reach Lleida by plane is to fly into Lleida-Alguaire Airport. There are direct flights available from several European cities.


The best way to reach Lleida by car is to drive on the AP-2 motorway from Barcelona or the A-2 motorway from Zaragoza. The journey takes around 2-3 hours depending on traffic.


The best way to reach Lleida by train is to take a high-speed AVE train from Madrid or Barcelona. The train station in Lleida is called Lleida-Pirineus station.


There is no direct boat service to Lleida as it is an inland city. The closest port is in Barcelona, which is around 2.5 hours away by car or bus.


The best way to reach Lleida by bus is to take a long-distance bus from Barcelona or Zaragoza. The bus station in Lleida is located in the city center.

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