Ourense Uncovered: The Ultimate Budget Day Trip

Experience the charm of Ourense without breaking the bank!

21 June 2023

Ourense, located in Northwestern Spain, offers a rich cultural and historical experience for travelers on a budget. The city boasts stunning Romanesque architecture, natural hot springs, and extensive vineyards, all of which can be explored for minimal cost. With affordable accommodation and food options, Ourense is the ideal destination for budget-conscious travelers seeking a unique and authentic Spanish experience.

Day trip plan

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Exploring Ourense on a Budget

  • Start the day with a visit to the Plaza Mayor, the heart of Ourense's old town. Admire the architecture and grab a coffee at one of the terraces.
  • Go to the nearby Mercado de Abastos to check out the local produce. Buy some cheese, bread and fruit for a picnic later.
  • Walk towards the River Miño and cross the Roman Bridge "Pont Vella", one of the oldest bridges in Spain. Take in the stunning views of the city.
  • Stop at the Burgas, Ourense's famous natural hot springs. Dip your feet in the warm water and relax.
  • Climb up to the Church of Santa Eufemia where you can see the best views of Ourense. Take a break and eat your picnic.
  • End the day with dinner at "Cervecería Echegaray", a local favorite. Try "pinchos", small bites that are a staple of the Spanish cuisine. Don't miss the "tortilla de patatas", a classic dish.

How to get there


You can fly to Ourense by landing at Vigo-Peinador Airport, which is approximately 88 km away from the city center. From the airport, you can take a train, bus, or taxi to Ourense.


You can drive to Ourense from Santiago de Compostela, which takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. From Madrid, it takes approximately 5 hours to reach Ourense by car.


You can take a train from Madrid to Ourense, which takes approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes. The train station in Ourense is called Estación de Ourense-Empalme.


There are no direct boat routes to Ourense. However, you can take a ferry from the UK to Spain and then travel by car, bus or train to Ourense.


You can take a bus from Santiago de Compostela to Ourense, which takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The bus station in Ourense is called Estación de Autobuses de Ourense.

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Ourense, located in the northwestern region of Spain, offers a charming and family-friendly destination for a vacation. With its natural hot springs and picturesque landscapes, Ourense provides a unique and relaxing experience for all ages. Families can also explore medieval architecture, visit historical sites, and enjoy local cuisine, making it a well-rounded destination for a memorable getaway.

Ourense: A Budget-Friendly Adventure in Spain

Ourense, located in the northwestern region of Spain, is a perfect destination for budget travelers. Despite being lesser-known than other Spanish cities, Ourense offers visitors plenty of attractions, such as hot springs, churches, and historic sites, that won't break the bank. To save even more money, budget travelers can opt to stay in hostels or eat at local markets and shops rather than expensive restaurants.

Ourense on a budget: Wine, Nature & Relaxation

Ourense, Spain has an abundance of affordable activities for budget-conscious travelers. Visit the city's hot springs and thermal baths for relaxation, or explore natural landmarks like the Ribeira Sacra region. Budget-friendly dining options include traditional Galician cuisine and tapas bars.

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Ourense, Spain is a hidden gem for tourists with its breathtaking scenery, rich history and culture, and delicious gastronomy. The city is filled with ancient monuments, bridges, and thermal springs perfect for sightseeing and relaxation. Visitors can also explore the charming old town, shop for souvenirs, and indulge in the local cuisine with Ourense's various restaurants and cafes.