Amersfoort Travel Plans

Located somewhere in the vast world, Amersfoort is a charming city that’ll make you go ‘Amers-who?’ before falling head over heels in love with its rich history and scenic beauty. With quirky art galleries and delightfully mouth-watering stroopwafels all around, Amersfoort is one of those cities that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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How to get to Amersfoort


The best way to get to Amersfoort, Netherlands by plane is to fly to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and take a direct train to Amersfoort station. The train journey takes approximately 30-40 minutes.


Amersfoort is easily accessible by car, as it is located near the A1, A28, and A30 highways. Parking is available at various locations in and around the city centre.


Amersfoort station is one of the main railway stations in the Netherlands, making it easily accessible by train. There are direct trains from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and other major Dutch cities. Check for schedules and fares.


Amersfoort is not accessible by boat, as it is not connected to any major waterways.


Buses run regularly from Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands to Amersfoort. Check for schedules and fares. The bus station is located next to Amersfoort station.

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