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Welcome to a Mediterranean destination where thriving nightlife and stunning beaches merge seamlessly. Prepare to dance until sunrise, indulge in paella, and embrace tan lines that will make your coworkers jealous.

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How to get to Ibiza


The best way to get to Ibiza, Spain by plane is to fly directly to Ibiza Airport (IBZ) from major cities like Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris, or Frankfurt. Several airlines offer direct flights to Ibiza from these cities.


To reach Ibiza by car, one needs to drive to one of the ferry ports in Spain (such as Denia or Valencia) and take a ferry to Ibiza. The driving route will depend on the starting location, but major highways connect to these ferry ports.


There is no train station on the island of Ibiza, so it is not possible to reach Ibiza by train.


There are ferry services available to reach Ibiza from mainland Spain. One can take a ferry from Denia or Valencia to Ibiza. The ferry journey takes around 3-4 hours and offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.


One can reach Ibiza by bus from various cities in Spain. A popular option is to take a bus from Barcelona to Ibiza. The journey typically includes a ferry crossing from Denia to Ibiza and takes around 11-12 hours in total. Buses depart from Barcelona Nord bus station.

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