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Welcome to the city that's so chaotic, it makes rush hour traffic look like a stroll through the park. Get ready for scooters, street food and more gelato than you can possibly handle!

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Palermo Pleasures: A Fiery Family Adventure

Palermo, Italy offers an excellent destination for a family friendly trip with a perfect blend of history, culture, and stunning landscapes. Explore the colorful and bustling markets, engage in interactive activities in the city's many museums, and indulge in delicious Sicilian cuisine at family-friendly restaurants. Take the family to explore the beautiful beaches and enjoy outdoor activities at the nearby nature reserves, ensuring an unforgettable adventure for everyone.

Palermo Pleasures: A Family's 2-Day Adventure

A family friendly trip to Palermo, Italy offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and stunning natural beauty. Explore the magnificent Palermo Cathedral and the stunning Royal Palace, providing a rich glimpse into the city's past. Stroll through the vibrant markets, taste delicious Sicilian street food, and take a leisurely walk along the picturesque Mondello Beach, ensuring a memorable experience for the whole family.

Palermo Unveiled: A Family-Friendly Adventure on a Budget

A trip to Palermo, Italy offers a perfect family-friendly getaway with its rich history, charming architecture, and delicious cuisine. Explore the stunning Norman Palace and its exquisite mosaics, wander through the vibrant and bustling Ballarò Market, and indulge in gelato from one of the many gelaterias. With its warm Mediterranean climate and welcoming atmosphere, Palermo promises an enjoyable and memorable experience for the whole family.

How to get to Palermo


The best way to get to Palermo, Italy by plane is to fly directly to Falcone-Borsellino Airport which is located 35 kilometers west of the city centre. There are many international and domestic airlines that operate flights to and from Palermo including Alitalia, Ryanair, and EasyJet.


If you are driving to Palermo, Italy it is best to take the A19 motorway which connects the city with the national road network. The journey time from Naples is about 8 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.


You can take a train to Palermo, Italy and the best way to do so is to arrive at Palermo Centrale railway station, which is the main train station in the city. The station is served by many national and international trains, and has connections to all major Italian cities.


The best way to get to Palermo, Italy by boat is to take a ferry from Naples. The journey takes about 10 hours and there are several companies that operate this route including Grimaldi Lines and Tirrenia. The ferry arrives at the port of Palermo which is located in the city centre.


The best way to get to Palermo, Italy by bus is to take the bus from the central bus station in Naples. The bus ride takes about 12 hours and there are several bus companies that operate this route including Autolinee Federico, Sicilbus, and Sais Autolinee.

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