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Get ready to have your bank account confused with your vacation destination as we explore Santander, the city that always keeps your finances on their toes.

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How to get to Santander


The best way to get to Santander, Spain by plane is to fly directly to Santander Airport (SDR) from major European cities such as London, Paris or Frankfurt. Airlines that fly to Santander include Ryanair and Vueling.


The best way to get to Santander by car is to take the A-8 highway from Bilbao or the N-623 highway from Burgos. The journey from Bilbao takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, while the journey from Burgos takes around 2 hours.


While there is no direct train that goes to Santander, you can take the train to Bilbao or Madrid and then transfer to a regional train or bus to Santander. The train station in Bilbao is called Bilbao-Abando and the train station in Madrid is called Madrid Chamartin.


While there are no direct boats that go to Santander, you can take a ferry from the UK to Santander with Brittany Ferries. The ferry departs from Portsmouth and Plymouth and the journey takes around 24 hours.


The best way to get to Santander by bus is to take a direct bus from major Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, or Bilbao. Companies that offer bus services to Santander include ALSA and Eurolines.

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