Trento Travel Plans

Nestled among the gorgeous mountains and filled with charming cobblestone streets, Trento is one of the best-kept secrets in the land of pizza and pasta. Come for the stunning vistas, stay for the wine and cheese.

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How to get to Trento


The best way to get to Trento by plane is to fly into Verona Airport, which is approximately 90km from Trento. From there, you can take a train or bus to Trento.


If you are travelling by car, the best way to get to Trento is via the A22 motorway. Trento is located approximately 40km from the Brenner Pass, which is the border between Italy and Austria.


Trento has its own train station, Trento Station, which is located in the city center. You can take a train from major Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice to Trento Station.


There are no direct boat services to Trento, as it is located inland. However, you can take a boat from Venice to Chioggia and then take a train or bus to Trento.


FlixBus offers daily bus services from major Italian cities to Trento. The bus station in Trento is located in the city center, near the train station.

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