Weekend Adventure: Exploring Aachen's Charms

Explore the Charms of Aachen, Germany.

03 May 2023

Aachen in Germany is a picturesque city with a rich cultural and historical heritage. As a tourist, one can explore the city's famous Charlemagne's Cathedral, soak in the natural beauty of Aachen Forest and sample local delicacies like Aachener Printen cookies. A trip to Aachen promises to be a delightful experience for any traveler.

Travel plan

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Day 1

Exploring Aachen's Old Town

  • Hotel: Stay at the Mercure Hotel Aachen am Dom, located in the historic city center.
  • Start your day with a visit to Aachen Cathedral and admire the impressive architecture.
  • Explore the quaint streets of the historic town, filled with charming shops and cafes.
  • Visit the Couven Museum, dedicated to the cultural history of Aachen.
  • Enjoy a traditional German meal at Zum Fischmarkt, known for its delicious schnitzel.
  • End the day with a relaxing stroll through the beautiful Elisenbrunnen Gardens.
Day 2

Indulging in Local Culture

  • Start your day with a cup of coffee from Caffè Faedo, a local favorite.
  • Visit the Aachen Town Hall, one of the oldest buildings in Europe.
  • Check out the Aachener Printen Museum, where you can learn about the city's famous gingerbread.
  • Experience the local culture at the Aachen Christmas Market (in winter) or the Aachen Summer Festival (in summer).
  • Have dinner at Ratskeller, a cozy restaurant located in a historic cellar, serving delicious local cuisine.
  • With its rich history and vibrant culture, Aachen is a must-see destination for any traveler seeking to experience the best of Germany.

How to get there


The best way to get to Aachen by plane is to fly into the Cologne-Bonn Airport and take a connecting train or bus to Aachen.


Driving to Aachen is possible and there are good connections to major highways from neighboring countries. However, be prepared for heavy traffic and limited parking options in the city center.


A direct train to Aachen can be taken from various cities in Germany, including Cologne and Dusseldorf. The Aachen Hauptbahnhof is the main train station in Aachen.


There are no boat options to reach Aachen as it is not located on a major body of water.


Taking a bus to Aachen from major European cities like Brussels, Amsterdam, or Paris is a convenient and affordable option. The Aachen central bus station is located in the city center.

More travel plans

Aachen Adventures: Fun-Filled Family Day Trip in Germany

Aachen, Germany is a fantastic destination for a family-friendly trip. Known for its historic heritage, this charming city offers a variety of attractions suitable for all ages. Explore the iconic Aachen Cathedral, visit the interactive museums such as the Couven Museum or Ludothek, and enjoy the parks and playgrounds scattered throughout the city for a memorable and enjoyable experience with the whole family.

3-Day Adventure in Aachen: History, Art and Nature

A trip to Aachen, Germany offers a chance to explore the rich history and architecture of this charming city. Highlights include the Aachen Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the ancient Roman hot springs at Carolus Thermen. Visitors can also enjoy the local cuisine, including the famous Aachener Printen gingerbread.

Discover Aachen's Best: History, Nature, & Fun

With its rich history and stunning architecture, Aachen is a beautiful destination to explore on a budget. Visitors can take advantage of free walking tours to discover the city's top sites, such as the Aachen Cathedral and the Elisenbrunnen Fountain. For affordable dining options, there are plenty of local markets and food stalls serving up delicious traditional meals.

4-day Aachen Germany Adventure Guide

Aachen, a historic city in Germany, offers visitors a glimpse into its rich history and culture with stunning cathedrals and palaces. It boasts of famous landmarks such as the Aachen Cathedral, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Elisenbrunnen, known for its medicinal hot springs. Apart from exploring the various attractions, tourists can also indulge in the city's renowned culinary scene and enjoy its unique blend of German and Belgian cuisine.