Bilbao Bliss: A 3-Day Family Adventure on a Budget

Discover Bilbao: A Cultural Adventure for the Whole Family!

19 July 2023

A family trip to Bilbao, Spain promises a delightful blend of cultural and recreational experiences. Known for its world-class museums, the city offers attractions such as the Guggenheim Museum, where kids can appreciate contemporary art through interactive exhibits. Families can also explore the charming Casco Viejo (Old Town) with its narrow streets, scenic plazas, and delicious pintxos (Basque tapas) that cater to even the pickiest eaters.

Travel plan

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  • Start your day with a scrumptious breakfast at Café Iruña, where you'll be treated like a Basque king or queen.
  • Wander through the narrow streets of Casco Viejo, the old town, and soak up its medieval charm and lively atmosphere.
  • Visit the iconic Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, where modern art meets architectural marvel. Don't miss the giant Puppy statue outside!
  • Take a leisurely stroll along the stunning riverside promenade, lined with trendy bars and quaint shops.
  • Enjoy a delectable dinner of pintxos – traditional Basque tapas – at La Viña del Ensanche, your taste buds will thank you!
  • Start your day with a hearty breakfast at Café La Granja, a local favorite known for its delicious croissants and café con leche.
  • Embark on a thrilling cable car ride to Mount Artxanda and enjoy panoramic views of the city from its summit.
  • Dive into history at Bilbao's Mercado de la Ribera, the largest covered market in Europe. Sample local produce and mingle with friendly vendors.
  • Unleash your inner child at the Euskalduna Palace, a futuristic space where playful interactive exhibits captivate young and old alike.
  • Indulge in a traditional Basque feast at Restaurante Etxanobe, where succulent grilled fish and hearty stews will transport your taste buds to gastronomic heaven.
  • Savor a leisurely breakfast at Café Escalera, a charming café tucked away in a quiet corner of Bilbao's coastal district.
  • Take a day trip to the coastal town of Getxo, known for its stunning beaches, quaint harbor, and majestic Puente Colgante bridge.
  • Explore the enchanting gardens of Palacio de Miramar, a serene oasis where you can relax and soak up the refreshing sea breeze.
  • Discover the fascinating world of marine life at the Aquarium Getxo, where shimmering fish and playful dolphins steal the show.
  • End your trip with a memorable seafood dinner at Restaurante Kaia-Kaipe, where the catch of the day is transformed into culinary masterpieces. Bon appétit!

How to get there


The best way to get to Bilbao by plane is to fly to Bilbao Airport, which is located approximately 12 kilometers north of the city center. Many major airlines offer direct flights to Bilbao from cities across Europe and beyond.


Traveling by car is a convenient way to explore the Basque Country, including Bilbao. Visitors can rent a car from major cities such as San Sebastian or explore the area on a self-guided road trip.


While there are no direct train services to Bilbao from other parts of Europe, travelers can take a high-speed train to nearby cities such as San Sebastian or Vitoria-Gasteiz and then transfer to a local train or bus bound for Bilbao.


While there are no direct boat services to Bilbao, travelers can take a ferry from the UK or France to Santander or other port cities in northern Spain and then travel to Bilbao by train or bus.


Buses are a popular and affordable way to travel to Bilbao from other cities in Spain and beyond. Major bus companies such as ALSA and Eurolines offer services to Bilbao from cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris.

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Bilbao offers many budget-friendly options for those looking to explore the city without breaking the bank. From free walking tours of the city center to visiting the iconic Guggenheim Museum for just 10 euros, there are plenty of affordable activities to enjoy. Accommodation options like hostels and Airbnb rentals also offer affordable alternatives to hotels.

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Bilbao is a vibrant and cultural city in the northern part of Spain, serving as a perfect destination for budget travelers. The Guggenheim Museum, a symbol of this city, is a must-see as well as the Casco Viejo district, which is bustling with street performers and delicious pintxos. Travelers can save a fortune on food and drink by exploring the local markets and enjoying the benefits of the thriving Basque cuisine.